Carr Gate Police Training Facility

With shooting ranges, abseiling towers, and controlled petrol bombing areas, the internationally acclaimed Carr Gate Police Training Facility in West Yorkshire is truly a world within itself.

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The Problem

The Life Fire Skills House within the Carr Gate complex is a two-storey replica of a community home, used by training Firearms Officers armed with rubber bullets.

Furniture was required to create a realistic setting – however, traditional materials sent rubber bullets ricocheting around the room, distracting the officers and damaging the authenticity of the training experience.


The Solution

Safety Pads designed and produced foam furnishings which were rigorously tested and proven to absorb the impact of rubber bullets:

→ Sofas & armchairs

→ Television set

→ Utility machines

→ Bedroom furniture

Our in-house printing team produced life-like covers for the foam furnishings, with detailed touches such as printed handles, magnets and notes on the fridge.


The Results

“Life Fire Skills House is one of only a small handful of such facilities across the UK and as such adds a unique dimension to our training facilities here at Carr Gate”

– Superintendent David Lunn


All images courtesy of Carr Gate Police Training Facility


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