Impact Protection and Accident Prevention

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of high-impact, foam filled Safety Pads.

At Safety Pads, we manufacture British-made safety padding that are used around the world to protect all industries including automotive, sports, education & construction. Established in 2002, our team of experts have the experience and know-how to solve just about any impact-related safety problem.

Accidents can happen in any environment which can lead to costly damage to property and assets, as well as injuries to visitors and members of staff. Safety Pads are the simple and effective solution to accident prevention and we are the experts. Our solutions are made to measure and we have the in-house capabilities to brand all padding with your logo or to advertise your client’s or sponsor’s company.

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End Use Applications

Schools and Education

We have a range of safety pads for schools, nurseries and colleges that are made from high impact absorbent foam and feature hard-wearing waterproof and flameproof rip-stop covers.

Sport and Leisure

We are the undisputed experts in providing safety padding solutions for sports around the world and we’re very proud of the fact that we do it all ourselves in Britain, from research and development to the production of the protective foam itself.

Car Parks and Showrooms

We have years of experience in helping the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley and Enterprise Rent-a-Car protect their most important assets: their vehicles. Whether they are parked in a showroom, in a compound or in a storage facility, we have made it our business to protect the cars against accidental damage

Workplace Health and Safety

Posts, pillars and columns in factories and workplaces are potentially hazardous to staff and visitors, and failure to cushion exposed posts can be very expensive. Our safety pads can cover pillars and low beams in offices or workspaces where there is the risk of staff bumping into them.


We provide high impact resistant foam for columns, poles, scaffolding, low hanging beams and RSJs to ensure that construction sites are safe places to work and operate. We manufacture and supply protective padding on and around potentially dangerous structures can save time, money and, most importantly, injury.

Special Needs Environments

When the founder of Snowflake School for Children with Autism got in touch regarding some post padding/protectors for the playground, we knew we’d be able to produce something suitably colourful and exciting for the students.

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Our Products

We boast a team of experts that develops British-made, market-leading, safety solutions for football clubs, rugby clubs, police forces, construction sites, schools, colleges, airports and many more organisations in just about any industry. It’s our combination of experience and innovation, bound by years of our own research and development, that means we can find the perfect combination of padding to solve just about any impact-related safety problem either post padding or corner protectors.

Put simply, we are all about the prevention of accidents, so we work with you to install protective padding either after an accident has happened or, to save you time, money and stress, before the worst happens to people or company property on your premises.

Bespoke Service

Made to Measure

Speak to our experienced team about any special requirements for your project. We can manufacture safety pads to various thicknesses, widths and lengths, as well as provide installation.

Custom printing and colour options​

Custom printing and colour options

We can apply logos and graphics to your safety pads. We also have a range of base colours for you to choose from, ensuring the finished safety pads look just right.

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Nobody does safety padding quite like us. We are the leading manufacturer of bespoke safety solutions in many industries around the world, from sports to construction to education, and we’ve built that reputation single-handedly since 2002.