Amazon Fulfilment Centres

In December 2015, Amazon UK had over 260 million products listed on its website – a figure which will have inevitably sky rocketed further in the intervening 18 months.

To ensure that these products can be delivered to your door in just one day, all 260 million products available on the UK site are stored in colossal Amazon Fulfillment Centres in Rugeley and Hemel Hampstead.


The Problem 

Within these giant warehouses, concrete columns and other support structures pose a potential hazard to workers and equipment including forklift trucks.

In buildings which measure over 1 million sq ft, heavy-duty concrete and iron supports are unavoidable – so how to negate the risk?


The Solution

Since May 2013, Safety Pads UK have supplied almost 500 made-to-measure column protectors and other forms of safety padding in the company’s trademark yellow to Amazon UK, France & Germany.

Most recently, the Safety Pads team spent 2 days installing over 280 safety pads in the Hemel Hamstead branch!


The Results

We’ve now entered our 4th year of supplying safety pads to Amazon, who reported a 40% lower reported injury rate than other warehousing companies in 2013-14.


Nobody does safety padding quite like us. We are the leading manufacturer of bespoke safety solutions in many industries around the world, from sports to construction to education, and we’ve built that reputation single-handedly since 2002.