Scaffold Protection

Health and Safety precautions on construction sites have increased in recent years and post and scaffolding padding is now often a requirement specified by insurance companies.

Construction sites need to take health and safety measures into account to protect staff, visitors and passers-by. Exposed metal poles and posts can cause injury to anybody at any time, which means that any construction company is at risk of legal enquiries and potentially destabilising financial damages as a result.

It’s easy to assume that a scaffolding structure is safe once it is erected, but accidents happen all the time. Red and white stripy tape and old pipe lagging is not a suitable substitute for high quality, high impact, reinforced foam padding with waterproof covers.

Members of the public can collide with scaffolding that is situated on the street, schoolchildren can crash into scaffolding that is situated in the schoolyard and construction workers can be injured by misplaced scaffolding on the site; protection for all those who might come into contact with scaffolding is an absolute must if you are going to maintain a safe working environment.


What is scaffold protection?

Scaffold protection is a safety solution that aims to protect staff, visitors and members of the public from injuries sustained by collisions with scaffolding on construction sites. It helps companies avoid onsite accidents and potential legal procedures that might arise as a result.

Bespoke solutions

Due to the nature of the industries in which we work, we have rarely implemented the exact same safety solutions in two separate scenarios. We get to the root of the problem by taking your specifications and then our team of experts create the optimum combination of safety pads to solve your problem.

Why Choose Safety Pads?

Our widespread experience in the construction industry means that we are able to adapt to any situation in which the health and safety of people is in danger due to scaffolding and constructions. We make the protective foam ourselves, we measure, cut and fit the padding ourselves and we do the bespoke printing and branding ourselves, so your safety is well and truly in safe hands.

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Protect staff on construction sites with safety pads to cover poles and posts


Prevent injuries caused by collisions between people and scaffolding


Save money on repairs and potential litigation costs


Use posts for advertising space to generate additional revenue


Improve the appearance of a public-facing construction site with bespoke printing