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Nobody does safety padding quite like us. We are the leading manufacturer of bespoke safety solutions in many industries around the world, from sports to construction to education, and we’ve built that reputation single-handedly since 2002. By that, we mean that we do it all ourselves.

From the initial specifications to the installation of the solution, our specialists handle the safety of your premises so you don’t have to. We even manufacture the high-impact absorbent foam ourselves, so we literally know it inside-out.

Put simply, we are all about the prevention of accidents, so we work with you to install protective padding either after an accident has happened or, to save you time, money and stress, before the worst happens to people or company property on your premises.

Rugby Post Protectors

Rugby Post Protectors are a foam, protective padding that wrap around each post. They provide a practical and cost-effective solution to reducing the risk of injuries that may occur during a game.

Football Post Protectors

Football Post Protectors are a protective padding that reduces the impact of collision with posts in the heat of the game or in training, helping to prevent players from getting injured. These pads can be wrapped around pitch perimeter posts, stadium stanchions and floodlights to protect your players, fans and property.

Gym Crash Mats

Safety pads provide impact protection in a variety of scenarios at the gym and in sports halls, so you can ensure that all people and company property are protected at all times.

Ski and Snow Slope Post Protectors

Ski and Snowboard Post Protectors are a thick layer of protective padding that wraps firmly around concrete pillars, from the top of the slope to the bottom or attach to the walls around the slopes.

Basketball Padding

Our protective padding prevents players from colliding with the pole when driving to the basket, or diving for a loose ball. Cushioning the impact with the post will reduce the amount of injuries, showing your commitment to health and safety regulations. They are perfect for either indoor or outdoor courts and can also be an ideal way to show off your club colours or open up an advertising space.

Netball Post Protectors

Protecting players from colliding with the goals during a game, our netball post protectors can also be viewed as an opportunity to showcase your school or club colours, or a chance to generate extra revenue through advertising and sponsor opportunities.

Trampoline Padding

We can transform your trampoline safety pads into something really eye-catching… create padding that enhances your trampoline park both physically and visually. We can produce padding in your company colours and print them with your logos, text or advertisements.

Impact Protection

We boast a team of experts that develops British-made, market-leading, safety solutions for football clubs, rugby clubs, police forces, construction sites, schools, colleges, airports and many more organisations in just about any industry. It’s our combination of experience and innovation, bound by years of our own research and development, that means we can find the perfect combination of padding to solve just about any impact-related safety problem either post padding or corner protectors.

Post Protectors

Post protectors are a form of protective padding that is fitted to and wrapped around potentially dangerous and exposed posts. Construction sites, scaffolding and schools are common places for accidents involving posts, so protective measures are required to avoid unnecessary injury to people and damage to property.

Scaffold Protection

Scaffold protection is a safety solution that aims to protect staff, visitors and members of the public from injuries sustained by collisions with scaffolding on construction sites. It helps companies avoid onsite accidents and potential legal procedures that might arise as a result.

Wall Protectors

Wall protectors are part of a safety solution that prevents injuries to visitors to premises, minimises damage to company property and assets and saves businesses repair and potentially litigation expenses. At Safety Pads, we incorporate wall protectors into our entirely bespoke safety packages in aid of accident prevention for all kinds of industries.

Edge Protectors

Edge protectors are a safety padding solution that minimises the risk of injury to people and damage to company property. Accidents occur when edges are left exposed in the workplace, at a school or on a sports field, so we specialise in edge protectors to ensure the safety of all people and things that come into contact with potentially dangerous edges.

Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are a safety solution that helps to prevent injuries and reduce the impact of accidents involving corners of walls, fencing, scaffolding and other structures. They are used in combination with other safety pads, such as wall protectors, to ensure the safety of visitors to premises and the protection of company property and assets.

Column Protectors

Column protectors are a safety solution that provides protective padding for exposed columns in places of work, leisure, education and more. It is employed as a preventative measure against accidents to reduce injury to people and damage to company property.

Car Protectors

Car protectors are a safety solution that provides protective padding for new and used cars in garages and showrooms. Cars often sustain accidental damage due to unprotected columns, posts and walls, so car protectors help to protect company property, prevent injury to staff and visitors and save money for the garage or dealership in the long run.

Floodlight Protectors

Floodlight Post Protectors are a layer of protective foam padding covered in a tear resistant vinyl cover that wraps around exposed Floodlights, reducing the risk of injuries during a game or match.

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