Posts, pillars and columns in factories and workplaces are potentially hazardous to staff and visitors, and failure to cushion exposed posts can be very expensive. Our safety pads can cover pillars and low beams in offices or workspaces where there is the risk of staff bumping into them.

We’ve spent years developing high-quality, safety pads for businesses in all shapes and sizes, so you can keep everybody safe on your premises at all times. Our pads are an effective and affordable solution to health and safety and our turnaround for new pads is second to none.


Our experience in the industry

Our track record in the industry speaks for itself. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to improve business operations and reduce workplace risk for employees. We helped Pepsi Co. protect its staff at the Quavers factory by creating bespoke padding for its low-hanging RSJs. We helped Amazon protect staff and future visitors to its brand new 450,000sqft fulfilment centre by wrapping its large pillars in highly visible safety pads. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in the industrial industry achieve the same levels of health and safety in their workplaces and, with our extensive experience and highly skilled team, we can do the same for you.


  • School Safety Checklist

    Outside play is just as important as inside education for young children in schools. Not only does it allow them to ignite their imagination, but builds upon their social interaction, keeps them fit and healthy, develops their learning skills, and allows them to explore emotions they may not usually encounter.

  • Health and Safety Regulations in Schools

    Ensuring the safety of pupils and staff members in schools is absolutely critical. A key requirement of safety in school is complying with duties outlined by the Health and Safety Law. In this article we will explore in more detail the key pieces of law which impact educational establishments.

  • School Premises Regulations

    The duty of care for a school or college does not just cover the direct treatment of staff and pupils but also unsurprisingly, the standard and maintenance of School Premises as well. In this article we will provide information on the pieces of legislation that directly apply to school premise to guide you in creating a safer environment for all.

  • Free School Health & Safety Audit Template

    At Safety Pads, we pride ourselves on making environments safer places to work, live and play. Whatever the environment you are in, the health, safety and general wellbeing of the people within them is important, but with schools in particular which house some of the most vulnerable members of society it is of paramount importance. In order to help you keep your environment a safe place we have created a free health and safety audit template.

Custom Made Safety Pad Solutions​

Bespoke solutions

We have been at the forefront of the industry for many years, so we have provided high-quality safety solutions for many types of businesses and premises. Every single one of our solutions is bespoke, which means that we are about as adaptable as it gets. If your premises have low-hanging RSJs that put staff at risk of banging their heads, we’ve got the safety pads for it. If your warehouse has large stone pillars that could damage other transportable property, we’ve got the safety pads for it. If you need to make your workplace an overall safer place to be every day of the week, we’ve got the safety pads for you.

Why choose Safety Pads?

Our bespoke products are reliable, durable and attractive in appearance thanks to our bespoke printing and branding services, too. Moreover, we do it all ourselves, from scoping to production to research and development, so you get everything personalised to a high-spec for the invaluable benefit of improving safety in your workplace for you, your staff and all of your visitors.

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How can Safety Pads help?
Prevent workplace injuries to employees
Improve safety for all visitors to your premises
Save on unnecessary repair bills to equipment in the workplace
Create extra branding opportunities with wall and post padding
Enhance building aesthetics with our printing services