Guide to Protecting Cars on a Dealership Forecourt

In this guide, we will look into the ways that you can protect your cars on the forecourt from potential hazards

Cars are an expensive asset to own and damage to them can be costly. In extreme cases damage can be non-cost effective, leading to a car being written off, this doesn’t take even take into consideration theft or ram-raid. There are a number of incidents that can occur on the forecourt of a car dealership, ranging from scrapes and dents from cars colliding into metal posts and pillars, as well as in to one another through to thefts, break-ins and weather damage.

Securing the Perimeter

Unfortunately, the logistics of a forecourt mean it is not always possible to move vehicles into a warehouse that is locked on after your business hours are over. This means that this stock is vulnerable to theft, vandalism and ram raids. These acts of criminality can lead to thousands of pounds of damage that can be hard to re-coup.

Forecourt car protection

Ensure that you have the proper perimeter defences in place such as:

  • Fixed bollards and/or hoop protection barriers
    Bollards and protection barriers are a highly visual and heavy duty solution to securing the perimeter. They significantly reduce the risk of stolen vehicles as they stop criminals driving away without the threat of damage to either or both the car and their person. This solution should be an essential component of all forecourts and use a dynamic barrier to allow permitted personnel to come and go.
  • CCTV

    CCTV is a large deterrent for any potential criminals. Also, in the event of an incident the evidence will provide the police with a greater lead to track the culprits down. Our suggestion would be to ensure that the camera is visible.

Protecting Against Weather

It is not always criminals who pose a threat to your assets, the weather can be the culprit as well. The sun and in extreme cases freak hail storms can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to a car’s paintwork such as experienced by this unlucky dealership in Dallas.

But it is not just cars that are affected by climate, adverse weather conditions can significantly reduce footfall to a dealership. The solution is to erect canopies.

This resource has been created to promote safety in the Automotive industry.


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