PEPSICO – Custom Column Padding Solutions

With a portfolio of 22 brands, each of which generates over $1 billion in retail sales per year, PepsiCo owns something of a food and beverage empire.

In the UK alone, this global industry giant employs over 4,800 workers at 11 development, production and distribution sites!


The Problem – no existing post paddings

One particular factory in Lincoln which produces Quavers, Walkers and other crisp-lovers’ favourites, has walkways with low-lying concrete beams and metal pipes overhead.

These heavy duty structural supports – necessary for a warehouse of that size – were a potential hazard to both the PepsiCo workforce and also mobile machinery.


The Solution – creating

David Payne, head of safety support at Pepsi Co UK & Ireland, got in touch with us to help solve the problem. We produced and printed over 100 on-brand protective padding for David throughout 2013:

  • 54 custom size column pads in the trademark Pepsi blue with an eye-catching written warning to fit snugly around the low lying pipes and concrete beams overhead.
  • With velcro straps the pads were easy to install and also easily removable should a pipe or beam require inspection
  • 11 additional safety pads to cover overhead concrete beams, but without the printed warning
  • 2 red and black pads for the fire pipes, with velcro straps for fastening
  • 3 blue cylindrical pads to hug metal poles within the warehouse and prevent painful collisions


The Results – Custom column padding solution

Not only did our safety pads help protect the PepsiCo workforce – David was also nominated for an award because of his innovative approach to safety!

“I have been awarded a “Make a Difference” award this was presented to me by the head of Pepsi Co UK and Europe at the visit to the Lincoln site; I don’t mind telling you that this came as a complete shock!”

Congratulations David! Celebratory cans of Pepsi all round!


Nobody does safety padding quite like us. We are the leading manufacturer of bespoke safety solutions in many industries around the world, from sports to construction to education, and we’ve built that reputation single-handedly since 2002.