Noah’s Ark Mum and Toddler Group

Twice a week, the Noah’s Ark Mum & Toddler Group meets in St. Andrew’s Church, Plymouth. As many as 30 children enjoy an hour or two of stories, singing, and socialising whilst the parents steal a precious moment to enjoy a well-earned cup of tea and a homemade cake.


The Problem

The spacious church hall is perfect for the gatherings with plenty of room for toys, youngsters and parents. However, large wooden columns dotted around the church were a potential danger for the energetic attendees, with bumped heads, knocked knees and tears simply inevitable if the pillars’ hard corners were left uncovered.


The Solution

Now the children of Noah’s Ark Mum & Toddler Group play safely with 6 made-to-measure column protectors of the highest quality:

  Velcro fastenings make the protectors easily removable after the the group session

  Easy clean wipeable covers for hygiene purposes

  Colourful red, green and blue colours provide additional visual stimulation for children learning about colours.


The Results

“The Health and Safety advisor is very happy that the risk of toddlers falling against sharp corners at Noahs Ark playgroup has effectively been negated. Mums and the playgroup staff think the pads are a fantastic plus too – knowing the kids are not going to run into or fall onto hard pillars gives a certain peace of mind.

From an ease point of view, the ability to fit and remove the column protectors is so easy, and the material is easy to clean too. We use the pads for 2 -3 hours, twice a week – and other playgroups also use them. They’re not abused or mistreated, but sometimes rough play comes into the equation – but the pads show no sign of wear or damage. Fantastic!”

– Mike Allan, representative of Noah’s Ark Mum & Toddler Group


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