Manchester City F.C.

A Premier League team and household name around the world, Manchester City F.C. is one of the big dogs in the football world. With such status and skill there comes the ultimate in training facilities, with the jaw-dropping Ethihad Campus opening its doors back in 2014. 16 football pitches, 7 swimming pools and 3 state of the art gymnasiums? As if you even had to ask…

The Problem

It goes without saying that this sleek facility needed safety column padding of the highest caliber to ensure its prized players were training in a safe environment. When training so intensively and at such a high level, the chances of injury are much higher without the additional threat of corners and hard surfaces surrounding the pitch.

The Solution

After an exciting visit to the Central Training Facility in Manchester to record precise measurements, Safety Pads UK designed a total of 80 column safety pads with cut-out sections and velcro fastenings for easy removal. Produced in the navy blue hue of the Manchester City F.C.’s emblem, we’re proud to say these column safety pads looked a true part of the team.

The Result


Nobody does safety padding quite like us. We are the leading manufacturer of bespoke safety solutions in many industries around the world, from sports to construction to education, and we’ve built that reputation single-handedly since 2002.